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Viewing a match’s profile for the first time can be really exciting, and getting to know them through Guided Communication can be fascinating. But – whether you choose to use Guided Communication or not – at some point the ‘scary’ bit comes along and it’s time to email each other. Starting an email to someone you know can be tough, but writing to someone you’ve never met before can leave you scratching your head.

That’s why we’ve introduced our ‘Something to Talk About’ feature. It’s a simple way to help you connect with your matches in those initial emails where you just don’t know where to start. The idea is that we ask you about your likes, such as your favourite types of movies, and then if your matches like the same thing, it’ll be highlighted on their profile. For example, if you both love Chinese food and Action movies, you’ll have a great starting point for that first communication.

Get started by filling in your own interests:

1. Log in and click on the ‘My Profile’ tab

2. Click on the new Something to Talk About tab

3. Fill out as many or as few of the questions in any of the 11 categories, including: Travel, Sports, Dining Out, Movies and Books.

When your matches like the same things as you, you’ll see it in the new Something to Talk About box on their profile. It’s a great way to get that conversation started, without having to resort to a general ‘How’s things?’ or a terrible joke!

Got any questions about Something To Talk About? Post them below and we’ll try to answer them!

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